Orlando Is At the Edge of the Innovation Rabbit Hole

The passionate educator’s free tool for creating, buying, and selling educational content, enhanced with augmented reality and powered by cryptocurrency.

ORLANDO, May 22, 2018 -- Shattering preconceived notions, Orlando, FL has evolved into much more than a theme park destination. In recent years, this emerging powerhouse of tech has lured major companies away from traditional hubs, such as Silicon Valley. The Orlando-based startup, Leap With Alice, is establishing a deep connection locally, propelling the city’s innovative growth. An impactful partnership with The University of Central Florida allows Leap With Alice to facilitate research studies, showcasing the efficacy of augmented reality in the classroom. Committed to giving back, Leap With Alice has pledged a $1M endowment, paving the way for continuous research and development through the university.

Expanding their technological reach, Leap With Alice has established a strong partnership with Mercury Cash and The Miami Crypto Exchange; two companies focused on the cryptocurrency space and founded in Orlando. Together, Leap With Alice will create the standard for future Security Token Offerings (STO’s). Tying the Central Florida community even closer together, Leap With Alice has also teamed up with Chatter Buzz -- a local digital marketing agency -- for marketing needs, recognizing the opportunity to expand globally while focusing locally.

"We all have different specialties, but we have the same values of collaboration and innovation to move Central Florida's business community forward." - Shalyn Dever, CEO Chatter Buzz and Orlando Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” Honoree

Building the next technologically driven haven is a group effort and expands beyond strategic partnerships. Leap With Alice is a dedicated supporter of entrepreneurship, fostering the growth of local meetup communities, such as 1 Million Cups and The Orlando Tech Association. Bringing the tech community together, these events are vital in cultivating sustainable growth within the city.

Leap With Alice is a revolutionary tool for passionate educators - serving as every “Teacher’s Aide”. Reimagining the way we conduct education, Leap With Alice empowers educators with the ability to target unique learning abilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Through personalized and engaging content, individual strengths are harnessed, showcasing every student’s educational superpower. Leap With Alice creates a world where students learn through innovation and educators earn through imagination.

The free creation suite (Alice Labs™) allows educators to bring everyday lesson plans to life, transforming the classroom from a passive work environment into an immersive learning experience through augmented reality. Just as easily as today’s social media applications allow you to augment your daily life, Leap With Alice provides simple features for enhancing the learning experience. Original content can be bought and sold within the Alice Exchang™, finally giving educators the means to receive compensation that properly reflects the monumental role they play in education.

Leveraging the innovative capabilities of augmented reality and blockchain technology, Leap With Alice is leading the way toward an educational revolution that is long overdue. Welcome, to education’s new reality. Come Leap With Alice!

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