Storytelling Has Never Come To Life Like This

Leap With Alice introduces augmented reality to the robotic, huggable Bluebee Pal plushies and the Bluebee Pals Learning App, creating new possibilities for early childhood development.

Orlando, FL, May 29, 2018 — Bridging the gap between technology and education, Leap With Alice has formed a dynamic partnership with Bluebee Pals, creating a multi-sensory learning experience like never before. While Bluebee Pals read familiar bedtime stories, Leap With Alice will allow those stories to leap off of the page and come to life. Bluebee’s mouth and head move seamlessly to the words as if it were actually telling the story. Meanwhile, viewing the book from any smart device, Leap With Alice enhances each page with augmented reality. Readers can even integrate an avatar of themselves into their favorite books. The words spoken by a Bluebee Pal are emphasized through Leap With Alice’s augmented reality lens (Alice Lens™), promoting higher retention and understanding.

The partnership represents an evolution in EdTech learning, nurturing and engaging children in activities important to healthy growth and development. Working together, Leap With Alice and Bluebee Pals aim to create an assistive technology that peaks every child’s interest on an emotional and intellectual level.

“We actively involved teachers, parents, and therapists from across the country to analyze ways we could make our Bluebee Pals even better learning tools for children.”
-Laura Jiencke, Founder and CEO of Bluebee Pals

Bluebee Pals are interactive, bluetooth enabled, robotic head and mouth, plush companions. The Bluebee Pal Learning App is compatible with all tablets and laptop computers. Recipients of twelve educational and parenting awards, Bluebee Pals are a leading assistive technology tool for children with unique learning abilities, such as dyslexia and autism. The company donates thousands of Bluebee Pals each year to schools and nonprofit organizations to help children with learning needs. Bluebee Pal plushies retail for $74.99 and are available in six huggable styles—Leo the Lion, Sammy the Bear, Hudson the Dog, Riley the Zebra, Lily the Lamb and Parker the Monkey. Bluebee Pals Learning App is free and compatible with all iOS and Android devices.

Reimagining the way we conduct education, Leap With Alice empowers educators with the ability to harness unique learning abilities, such as dyslexia or ADHD. Personalized and engaging content allows individual strengths to thrive, showcasing every student’s educational superpower. Leap With Alice creates a world where students learn through innovation and educators earn through imagination.

Leap With Alice provides free tools for creating, buying, and selling educational content, enhanced with augmented reality and powered by blockchain technology. The free creation suite (Alice Labs™) allows educators to bring everyday lesson plans to life, transforming the classroom from a passive work environment into an immersive learning experience. Just as easily as today’s social media applications allow you to augment your daily life, Leap With Alice provides simple features for enhancing the learning experience. Original content can be bought and sold within the Alice Exchange™, finally giving educators the means to receive compensation that properly reflects the monumental role they play in education. Welcome to education’s new reality. Come Leap With Alice!

Leveraging the innovative capabilities of augmented reality and blockchain technology, Leap With Alice is leading the way toward an educational revolution that is long overdue. Welcome, to education’s new reality. Come Leap With Alice!

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